There is an emergency that occurred to billions of people all over the world with the COVID-19 outbreak since the start of 2020. Billions of people stacked on their homes in lockdown situations and curfew situations in hundreds of countries all over the world.
Besides, thousands of business and service activities including beauty care and personal care service centers and related businesses also closed because of the outbreak. So, women and men also still are facing many problems in beauty care during the outbreak period. So, here are some tips to maintain your beauty and personal care yourselves at home, without the support of an expert.

Wash your face twice a day with lukewarm water

This is the simplest and easiest thing you can do for your skin. We must wash our face and body daily to stay clean and fresh, either we have to go for a job or stay at home. So, some people like to skip washing the face, take a bath, or take a shower on holiday. But, if you going to try this continuously in this COVID-19 period, it will waste your skin health and body health as well. It is not enough to take a wash every two days or four days.
You must do it continuously, twice a day. And use lukewarm water instead of cold water or warm water is a great simple treatment for healthy skin. And if you can use natural face wash instead of general bathing bars, it will help to keep the moisture of skin very well. You can wash your face when get up and before sleep.

Use a face scrub once a week or two times a week

Face scrubs help us to remove dead cells in face skin and remove dirt, oil, and sweats for giving a clean and fresh face. It is good to use a scrub every two days if you have to go out from home daily for work. But, when you stay at home it is good to use a scrub one a week or two times a week. Because you have to exposure smoke, steam in-home activities as well. And your skin gets dirty while you spend your time in many home activities throughout the day. So, use a face scrub once a week or two times a week will help you to keep your face ever clean and fresh.

Take care of your hair as much as you can

Haircare is a topic in another dimension. So, saloons and beauty centers also focus on hair care treatments with special attention. The easiest thing you can do for the care your hair is, wash hair with a guaranteed shampoo and conditioner. And then you can use a hairdryer and use hair oil or serum for massage hair. Massaging is a great simple treatment for the health of hair. And you can use a hair cutter to have a simple hair cut carefully.

Take immunity-boosting foods and drinks as much as you can

The best way to fight with COVID-19 new coronavirus is, boosting the immune system of our bodies. It is easy to do with making simple changes to our daily foods and drinks. Top immunity-boosting foods are citrus fruits like orange and lemon, green vegetables like broccoli and spinach, red bell peppers, etc. Ginger and garlic also the best immunity boosting foods. So, you can add a little bit of garlic and ginger for all dishes. Coriander drinks and black tea also help to boost our immunity system. So, it may not hard to add these foods and drinks to your diet.